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Daily Ampersand

Posted on: October 8th, 2014 by Beth Blinebury

Daily Ampersand Photo Grid Website


Project Overview

Daily Ampersand was conceived by writer, foodie, and mother Kristina Erfe Pines. Focused on food, fashion, and family, this media-rich lifestyle blog features recipes, fashion tips, hotel reviews, DIY project tips, and more. Daily Ampersand readers appreciate good design, consider themselves foodies, and love handmade crafts and products.


Photo Grid Website


Branding Design with Variety

The mission: Brand a lifestyle blog for a writer who has her hand in everything fabulous from food and events to motherhood and travel.

Blinebury Design’s strategy: Right from the start we knew the ampersand would be the star of the branding and there were myriad styles from which to choose. While we decided on one specific ampersand as the primary logo, the full branding concept was designed with over 20 different, interchangeable ampersands. All working off the brand’s signature pink, the ampersands are used in videos and throughout the website as representations of various post topics.



Ampersand Branding Logo Samples

Fully-Responsive, Grid-Style Website

Knowing that the website would be rich with beautiful photography, we wanted to create a striking, visual homepage to give users a collage overview of the site’s content. The grid layout was our chosen solution and it is one that users are more familiar with thanks to sites like Pinterest. In this fully customized grid layout, the photos take up different size spaces within the grid. Amongst the grid are links to topic feeds like food and fashion.The site is fully responsive and optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile browsing. Individual posts feature large full-width background images and fully responsive image light boxes and video content.

Pinterest Style Grid Website

ampersand business card design


  • Branding design
  • Collateral print design
  • Website design and development
  • Responsive layout
  • Automatic content load scrolling functionality
  • Individual post customization with responsive video player and light box image slideshows
  • Events calendar

unique blog website design


Things that Make You (Okay Us) Go Hmm…

This past summer, Kristina invited Masterchef winner Luca Manfè to her home to cook her family a four-course dinner! As huge fans of the show, we thought this was the coolest thing ever.[/content]