What does Blinebury Design Do?

We apply our passion and know-how to two main services for our clients:

branding design and logo design

Branding goes beyond a simple logo. It is the first impression you will make to potential clients or customers. Your business or organization deserves a beautifully crafted identity that tells your story.


While you (and your team) are filling out our branding and identity questionnaire, we are scoping out competitors, staying on top of trends in your industry and developing the perfect strategy.


The first visual concepts we create and present to you are starting points for the final branding. Presented in black and white, these concepts offer an idea of the general design and typographic direction.


The chosen concept is fully realized, including color scheme, layout variations, ancillary graphics and taglines.


At the completion of every branding design project, we present our clients with guidelines and a digital package of logo and wordmark files in a variety of formats. From color specifications and typographic selections to spacing, we outline how your logo should be used by both your company and third-party vendors.


Your branding design comes to life on stationary, products, marketing materials and more!

web design and development

Break through the noise of run-of-the-mill website saturation. Our fully responsive (think mobile!), custom websites offer innovative solutions to reach your company’s target audience and leave lasting impressions.


We start with a conversation to figure out the scope and size of any website project. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to update and redesign your existing website, every project begins with our website questionnaire and internal research.

Content Strategy

Our websites are never one-size-fits-all. We begin by developing a strategy around your industry-specific needs. This phase of a project includes creating a sitemap, evaluating existing website content and putting together a list of desired content (copy, images, video, etc.).


Our initial website design concepts will provide you with an overview of how the homepage will look and what types of content will be featured. The initial concepts are static, but we include variations to make sure you have a sense of functionality from rollovers to sliders.


We design and develop exclusively for WordPress which is an amazing and user-friendly content management system. On average, we can deliver a fully functional beta site within 3-4 weeks of design approval.


There are not only a wide variety of web browsers on the market, but also a plethora of mobile devices from phones to tablets. As such, we conduct thorough testing of your fully responsive website to make sure it performs beautifully across the board.


We provide one-on-one training sessions and online video tutorials to empower our clients with the skills necessary to manage and maintain their websites once they are launched. Our custom development solutions include intuitive content management features, allowing you to easily add and update copy, images and video.


Don't worry about any technical details; we "flip the switch" for you, launch your website to the world, and closely monitor its performance. So break out the Champagne and celebrate!