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Saint Basil Academy

Posted on: October 3rd, 2015 by Beth Blinebury

high school custom website design

Project Overview

Saint Basil Academy is a college preparatory high school for young women located in Jenkintown, just outside of Philadelphia. The school’s previous website was outdated and they needed a new, modern website to highlight their strong academic curriculum, extensive athletic program and varied extracurricular activities. The new website fulfills several goals, including attracting potential students (and their parents) to choose SBA and serving as a digital presence for the thousands of SBA alumnae who continue to connect with and support the school.

school website marketing portals

Website Evaluation

Before thinking about aesthetics, we began by creating a site map (a visual chart of all the pages that will be included) of the existing website. From there, we reorganized the site content and added new features, like daily announcements and alumnae news identified in the scope of work for the project. As with all of our projects, the site map evaluation process is essential as the final site map functions as a guide for us to create an initial design concept.


Color Coding for Design & Functionality

During our research and design process, we identified seven primary content areas of the SBA website: About, Admissions, Academics, Student Life, Athletics, Alumnae, and Giving. Each section is a wealth of information specific to the topic area, so we chose to color-code each section. From a functionality standpoint, users can easily identify that they are browsing within one topic area or moving onto another topic. This choice also allowed us to add a playful, visual element to the overall website design. The design primarily relies on the school’s classic colors of blue and gold. The bright, additional colors function as link colors, backgrounds, and heading colors for each section.

school news and events slider

Custom Icons for Academics, Sports & Clubs

The new Saint Basil Academy website features a variety of icons for use on blog posts and daily announcements. While the default icon is the paw print of the school’s panther mascot, over 50 unique icons were created to customize posts for various academic, student life and athletic areas. This design feature allows the school to provide a better user experience for its students, alumnae and community.

Personalized WordPress Training

The SBA website includes a ton of custom development; on the homepage, we created a space for curated news and events. The school’s webmaster can easily update and manage this content by adding new photos, customizing headlines, and creating eye-catching buttons to guide visitors to explore more content. Blinebury Design provided several in-person training sessions and custom video tutorials (like this sample tutorial).

school faculty bio profile

school wordpress sample page

[testimonial attribute=”Maureen Ryan, Saint Basil Academy” image=””]

We have seen an increase in potential students, parents and alumnae viewing our website. Our new website sets us apart from others. Our overall experience with Blinebury Design was great!



  • Website design and development
  • Responsive layout
  • Custom daily announcements system with unique iconography
  • In-depth faculty and staff directory with course assignments
  • Interactive contact forms for information requests, alumnae news updates, and prayer requests

Priscilla Coblentz

Posted on: October 8th, 2014 by Beth Blinebury


Project Overview

Priscilla Coblentz is a Philadelphia-based opera soprano who has performed internationally. With plans to pursue more opportunities in Europe and beyond, Priscilla came to us with a vision for her website that was glamorous and modern.

pin up photography website

Website with a Photo Focus

Before working with us, Priscilla had some new promotional photographs taken by pin-up photographer Celeste Guiliano. As soon as we saw the stunning images we knew that they would be integral to the site’s design. The media was woven into the design through custom graphics, slideshows and full-width background images. The fully responsive layout scales appropriately to a variety of sizes without losing the tone of the website which is glamorous, fun and a bit campy.

singer website

opera website design

Mobile WordPress Website Design

[testimonial attribute=”Priscilla Coblentz, Opera Singer” image=””]

My website is one of the absolute best in my industry! Beth and Andy created a unique brand for me that far exceeded my expectations! I would recommend them to anyone.



  • Website design and development
  • Responsive layout


Berner, Klaw & Watson

Posted on: October 8th, 2014 by Beth Blinebury

[panel] lawyerist

Included in’s Best Law-Firm Websites, 2015 Edition! Read More[clear][/panel]

Project Overview

Berner, Klaw & Watson is a female-led law practice located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, specializing in divorce, custody, LGBT relationship, and support practice areas. The firm was in need of a new logo and updated website to showcase their focus on family law.

Warm And Inviting Brand Image

Before working with Blinebury Design, Berner, Klaw & Watson had been using a wordmark which had not been touched in over ten years. Our strategy was to keep the existing stacked layout while integrating bold typography and a new color palette. The result is a timeless wordmark with subtle slicing details on the primary initials of the firm, and visual enhancement from a colorful ampersand.

Family Law Logo Wordmark

Wordmark vs. Logo

The words “logo”, “wordmark” and “branding” are often used interchangeably. All can refer to the specific image, graphic and/or group of words associated with a specific company or organization. “Wordmark” refers to a specific typographic-only treatment of the name of a business; think Coca-Cola or Google – their wordmarks are instantly recognizable.

Have a question about all this “design talk”? Feel free to reach out to Blinebury Design.

Berner Klaw Watson

full width website banner

Content Strategy And Website Design

Before starting any website project, we work with the client to develop a site map (an outline-style list or chart of all the pages that will be included on the website). We also discuss options for the kind of content that we will feature throughout the site. This content may include photographs, videos, testimonials, case studies, etc. Typically, we are working with existing website content, but we often encourage our clients to create new content (especially in regards to visual media) that can become an important asset for attracting potential clients/customers to a website.

small law firm website

custom website for law firm

[testimonial attribute=”Judy Stouffer, Berner, Klaw & Watson” image=””]

Beth and Andy are a great team – innovative, responsive, patient, professional… If our new website feedback is any indication, we’ll both be in business for a very long time!


The Berner, Klaw & Watson homepage is full of visual assets, including short video featurettes of its six primary attorneys. Our website design for the law firm was influenced by the integration of these videos, as well as amazing photos by Beck Photography.

responsive website on mobile device


  • Branding design
  • Collateral print design
  • Website design and development
  • Custom lawyer profile layout
  • Responsive layout


Posted on: October 8th, 2014 by Beth Blinebury

video wordpress website design

Project Overview

We first launched a new website for video production & post-production studio Assembly in 2012. This past year they returned to Blinebury Design to give the site’s design an updated look. We also updated the site’s WordPress setup to support a fully responsive user experience across all devices.

video portfolio

Video Portfolio Website Design

Website Strategy: We decided to create a sleek, boutique agency feel for the updated Assembly site. Specifically, the use of full-screen media was introduced to add visual interest. The homepage is intentionally minimal in color, utilizing black-and-white photography and only the branded blue for select content “above the fold”. The website features a minimized header with the Assembly “A” and primary navigation on scroll to allow for easy access to the site content. As with many of our projects, we created many unique styles to highlight select or featured content (copy and images) that can be easily implemented by the client in WordPress.

shortcode features in wordpress design

Custom Video Portfolio

The site features a custom portfolio section that includes a live sorting option to group projects by type. The site supports video integration at every screen size from super-wide desktop to the multitude of mobile device sizes.

website design responsive tablet

custom wordpress website design

video production website design


  • Website design and development
  • Responsive layout
  • Custom portfolio grid with live sorting option