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Project Overview

Eric Mayer reached out to us to rebrand his law practice and give it a new home online. Once a solo attorney, Eric had grown his firm into a small team working exclusively with veterans and service members as representatives for military law cases. We first worked with Eric to rename his practice The Mayer Group. After we got that out of the way, Eric had one imperative: It can’t look like every other law firm template out there.


Unique Law Branding Inspired by Gin

You read that right! Eric was not a fan of most law firm branding and wanted something simple and effective, but with style. We bonded quickly over a shared love of gin and he mentioned loving the branding for Brooklyn Gin. Seeing the kind of visual look the client was attracted to definitely helped guide our plan of attack!

Our branding concept for The Mayer Group was to create a clean, effective wordmark that would stand out amongst the slew of over-the-top patriotic logos we found during our research process. With this strategy executed, Eric’s firm can stand out as an exclusive, boutique firm that offers what we’ve dubbed “elite representation.” With alternating layouts, a monogram, ancillary graphics featured on the website, and a tasteful military green color palette, the branding for The Mayer Group is professional, effective and timeless.

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Stand-out Law Firm Website

Our boutique strategy continued with the website design: Our aim was overall minimal and content-focused. We used photography sparsely, and where it is present, the colors have been desaturated and set in the brand color palette. Custom icons were created that easily reference military service areas. In this context and styling, what could have been a cliché use of iconography instead subtly supports the tone of the website and message.

Military law Firm website design

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Beth and Andy are an example of why small businesses are the backbone of this country. They are dedicated, creative, and absolutely beyond reproach as professionals… I’ll never go elsewhere.

Eric Mayer, The Mayer Group


  • Branding research and strategy
  • Branding design
  • Collateral print design
  • Website design and development
  • Responsive layout
  • Custom website graphics