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Project Overview

Slutty Girl Problems features columns, advice, guides, and reviews for young, twenty-something, self-proclaimed “sluts”. With a courageous, tongue-in-cheek attitude, SGP promotes sex as a natural and normal part of every young woman’s life—something that shouldn’t be kept to whispers in the ladies’ room only. The pro-feminist stance of SGP is what drew Blinebury Design to the project.




Managing 200k+ Pageviews

The initial SGP brand grew from Twitter and when we began working with the company, they already had over 200,000 followers. The new website was bound to attract a large audience. In addition, the site features a large variety of post types from general articles, advice columns, reviews, entertainment news, health and beauty tips, and more. We customized WordPress to account for the variety of post types, user capabilities, and front-end viewing.

Organization is key and the site can be browsed by post type, tags and authors—of which there are dozens. The website also features a social networking platform where users can register and interact. Users may post their own questions on the “Slut-lutions” section or post secrets anonymously on the “Slut-fessions” section. As with any project from the simplest to most complex, Blinebury Design strategizes with the client on creating the most effective solution that is both beautiful and highly functional.


hand lettering logo design

Hand-Lettered Logo

We started rebranding Slutty Girl Problems by sketching a variety of hand-lettered wordmark options ranging from cursive to chunky marker looks. Since it was established, SGP been using a photograph of lips as its avatar on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. While we sketched and tested out several alternative logos, in the end we knew the lips image was strongest. We would create a vector format that could be easily applied to advertisements and products.

We assembled, mixed and matched several concepts. The stark hot pink against black and white remained a strong constant, but we ran through several styles, from 60s Go-Go to 70s Disco to 80s New Wave. But the more we removed the heavily stylized elements, we arrived at a solution untethered by a specific decade. The final SGP lettering and lick-of-the-lips were digitized, colored, and combined with a chunky modern font for the word “problems” and the SGP monogram.

Our readers love the beautiful site design and fun, fresh look. Clients think it looks very professional and well done—above and beyond the typical blog style in this niche market!

President, Slutty Girl Problems


  • Branding design
  • Website design and development
  • Responsive layout
  • Custom advertisement management system
  • Social networking platform with user profiles, activity streams and messaging