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Project Overview

Exceptional Connections provides behavioral and educational consulting services in the home and the classroom. The co-founders, Michele Slowik and Laura Jastrzebski, work with children with Autism, ADD, ADHD, and other developmental delays. They work with families directly, teaching them the necessary skills to eliminate problem behavior.

Exceptional Connections logo

Logo Design Outside the Box

Our goal with the branding for Exceptional Connections was to utilize a well-known symbol for Autism in a way that was not corny or overworked. The result is a series of puzzle pieces in alternating colors coming together in a semi-circle to create the silhouette of a child’s face.

We experimented with a variety of graphic shapes when we started working on the branding for Exceptional Connections. We were looking at a lot of 1960s-1970s scientific journals for inspiration (Andy is amassing the Time-Life Science Library; it’s one of his biggest graphic design inspirations), and decided to utilize the silhouette of a child’s face. Two original silhouettes were created using photographs of co-founder Michele’s sons. Inverting the silhouette into the negative space allows the surrounding shapes to come together to form the face. For the semi-circle shape we shifted from gears in the sketching stages to the puzzle piece, a well-known symbol for Autism. The result is a series of puzzle pieces in bright teal and gold that come together to create the silhouette. Simple and straightforward, yet intricate and precise.

Responsive Website Design iPhone

Custom Puzzle Homepage

The design of the Exceptional Connections website is intentionally minimal. Based upon Laura and Michele’s needs and resources, we decided to forgo a photo-heavy look and focus on the puzzle shape itself. The homepage features a six-panel design in which the puzzle pieces connect from one panel to another. The pieces change size and placement as the website is scaled down from desktop view to tablet and then finally to mobile without losing the overall design concept.

The fully responsive layout is completed with some subtle animation additions focused on the logo and main menu. The default page template features an alternating teal and gold panel look that can be customized by the client through the WordPress dashboard.

Custom WordPress Website Design

Why Custom?

The Exceptional Connections website is a great example of custom website design that could not be duplicated by a template. While there are many reasonable DIY options out there, a template will never be designed for the content of a specific website.

Our logo grabs people and consumers can quickly decipher what we do from the look of the design. Clients really like that our logo is meaningful!

Michele Slowik, Exceptional Connections


  • Branding design
  • Collateral print design
  • Website design and development
  • Responsive layout